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Bright House Cable Shut Down in Florida | howroute

Bright House Cable Shut Down in Florida

Bright House Networks cable service has experienced a statewide cable service outage early Thursday. The entire Florida region was effected. All Bright House customer service phone lines were unavailable, we were unable to reach anybody at every Florida Bright House office, which indicates the outage is severe and widespread. The outage has effected the cable box users only, specifically the Scitfic Atlanta and Cisco cable boxes displaying Error Starting Initial App, Code IA01, which indicated a software glitch on the Bright House side and later was confirmed by the cable provider after reaching company's corporate communications office. The service was restored in the afternoon hours for most customers.

Note: This is ongoing story, more updates will be posted shortly.


5 Responses to Bright House Cable Shut Down in Florida

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  4. steve says:

    Cable, phone, internet dead here in Port Orange. I’ve put up with a lot of crap from them over the last few years. I’m going to Comcast as soon as they get to the Daytona area. Comcast is now available in Palm Coast and headed our way.

  5. Susan Remus says:

    My cable box (Cisco Explorer 8642HDC) is stuck in the process of “Downloading Initial Application” (Error starting initial app. Code: IA01)and at a certain point I am requested to “press any key”. It continues over and over again. So, I will turn off the box and wait for a response along with the many other Bright House users who’s boxes are having the same issue.
    Thank you,

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