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The End of PC Era is Close at Hand | howroute

The End of PC Era is Close at Hand

By Max Howroute

When was the last time you've used a personal computer, aka PC. Do you even remember? Personal computer shipments worldwide plummeted again 13.9% in the first quarter, the latest evidence of the collapsing old school computing market. As tablet computers are becoming more powerful and most importantly more useful at the accelerating speeds, the need and demand for PCs in commercial and consumer applications is plummeting even faster. According to the latest research (conducted by several tech publications), for consumers, businesses and yes even some content creators, the tablet and smartphone computers meet their everyday computing needs. Based on certain calculations, I predict that you'll be unable to find any PCs (anything that resembles a desktop or laptop computer) available for sale at least at the big box stores like Best Buy (of course if they make it through this decade) by the year 2020. Just imagine what tablet computers will be able to pull off by the end of this decade. And to be fair it is not the PC manufacturers fault, it's simply the end of era. To all the skeptics out there, just face it, embrace it and replace it. Aren't we suppose to have flying cars by now anyway? Moving on…


One Response to The End of PC Era is Close at Hand

  1. John Wilson says:

    It could happen even sooner!

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